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Singapore: the new Hong Kong

Merlion, patron of Singapore Merlion, patron of Singapore I was on a business trip to Singapore last week. It was all about getting familiar with a new content management system that I will have to work with in the future. As it is rolled out globally, my colleague and me joined the APAC-countries during their training. The departure was on Saturday at 10pm with a scheduled arrival on Sunday 7pm local time. That gave me enough time to relax and explore the city at least a bit as the workshop would cover all of Monday and Tuesday. It was my first long distance flight but I fared quite well. The Airbus A380 is one pretty quiet plane. After a while, you do not even notice anymore that you are up high in the sky.

When I arrived, I was greeted by incredibly hot, humid air (32 degress, 88% humidity). The trip to the hotel by cab was a smooth ride but before, I had to learn that Singapore is a country where queueing is very popular. I am not sure how much time I spent waiting but it was a lot. The hotel was brilliant. I myself would never pick that kind of hotel simply because of the costs. They even supply their guests with free to use smartphones which prevent you from paying high roaming fares. In the evening, I took the oportunity to see the area around Marina Bay Sands which is the iconic hotel that looks like a cruise-liner on three gigantic posts. I also got to see the Merlion fountain (Mermaid + Lion) which is Singapore’s patron. Continue reading →

Five days in Ireland

Liffey @ night, Dublin Liffey @ night, Dublin New year new capital. I visited Ireland in September. The initial plan was to spend all five days in Dublin (as I did in Rome, Paris, Barcelona, and other major cities) but on the first night, I changed my mind. I was roaming the streets of Dublin. After about one hour I thought “Ok, so that was Dublin. What’s next?” There isn’t really much you can do or see in that town. You have Temple Bar, the nightlife district with a famous bar by the same name, Trinity College, the Guiness Brewery, the Old Jameson Distillery, and a few governmental buildings along River Liffey. If you are a strong walker, you can see all that within just three hours.

On the next morning, I therefore hopped an a bus to Galway where I wanted to change connections and get down to the Cliffs of Moher. I had read that they are crowded and that there are more peaceful yet similarly stunning places but those are out of reach if you are not a driver. Without the option to hire a car, you are not able to get to the farthest corners of Ireland and need to see what’s doable by bus. There are lots of direct bus connections from Dublin to the Cliffs but those organised tours usually don’t leave you much time at the final destination. So I got up super early and after a nearly four hour bus ride had a good three hours at the Cliffs. Had I booked a direct tour, I would have only had about an hour. I was able to also visit Galway and had a nice bus ride through Burren, a karst landscape. The Cliffs are Continue reading →


View over Würzburg from Marienberg Fortress View over Würzburg from Marienberg Fortress Last Thursday was another bank holiday – Corpus Christi. It’s the last one until Reunification Day in October. I spent the day in Würzburg. I had never been there before but when I passed it with the ICE last year, I immediately thought that I should visit it some day.

Würzburg is indeed a beautiful town. Lots of small streets, old buildings and all that next to the Main and surrounded by vineyards. The sight of Würzburg is Marienberg Fortress of course. It’s a quite exhausting walk if you go there on foot but once you reached it, you are treated with a beautiful and stunning view over the town. On my way back to the station, I ate my first ice cream of this season. 1,20€ per scoop! Seriously?! I mean be honest: in the end, none of you guys really produces handcrafted ice cream anymore. You all use ready-made ingredients. The ice was good anyways. Continue reading →

Frankfurt am Main – my new workplace

Frankfurt Skyline in the afternoon Frankfurt Skyline in the afternoon Since I work in Frankfurt now, I have the chance to get to know the city better. Frankfurt is known as the financial capital of Germany as well as Europe. It’s not only the skyline that gives proof of the wealth of the city. Step by step, more and more quarters of the town get gentrified, i.e. the former population is slowly being crowded out by richer people who usually move to Frankfurt from places farther away. I don’t really know what to think about it. I couldn’t afford to live in one of the top quarters but I also wouldn’t want to live in one of the really shabby areas (I live in a pension right now, am a weekend commuter). The modern architecture is very attracting and it feels different to roam the streets of those areas versus walking around in one of the less pretty corners. The poorer population needs space as well anyways. When I posted about my trip to Zürich two years ago, I said that I find that city too clean. I’m hoping this won’t happen with German cities as well. Ain’t the “normal” population the heart of a city? Is it not them and their uniqueness that build up to the vibrancy of a place? I’m really torn. The Westhafen Continue reading →

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