Collection of photos taken in September / October

Here is a collection of photos taken in September and October. The Ahnepark is a local park where I tried to capture some autumn impressions. I like indian summer. The blood moon is something that everybody has probably seen. Dammit did my fingers freeze when I took the picture! The Weser Skywalk is a platform that was installed at the rocks about 500m north of Bad Karlshafen. It is nothing for which I would travel there but if you are around in the area anyways, you may want to visit it. Finally, the pickaxe is a piece of art that was installed during documenta 7 in 1982. It is supposed to have been thrown there by Hercules (which is a monument/statue and the landmark of Kassel). None of the pictures where edited but the picture of the blood moon. It was way to dark. The only thing I did to all pictures is that I applied Photoshop’s lens correction.

Ahnepark in Vellmar I Ahnepark in Vellmar II Blood moon 2015 Bad Karlshafen from Weser Skywalk Kassel @ night, pickaxe and Fulda

10 years ago: Sweden

I cannot believe it is now ten years since I set of to study in Linköping, Sweden for a year. What a character defining time it has been. So many parties, so much laughter, hundreds of people from all over the world, the culture, the landscape… just everything. I love Sweden! I learned a lot about myself up there. So why did I never go there again since then? Frankly speaking, I do not know! I am not the guy for (new years) resolutions but maybe I will find the time to return next year? Who knows!

Actually, I took tons of pictures up there but only a few were worth to be added to my website. I know that they are rather Un-Swedish (i.e. they could have been taken anywhere). For me, they resemble the joy and peace that I experienced up there anyways.

Sweden 3: Heart of moss Sweden 2: Flowers Brimstone Butterfly

Grimmwelt Kassel

Grimmwelt Kassel I visited the new Grimmwelt in Kassel yesterday. It is seated at the Weinberg which is a sort of historic place. It used to be the old garden of the Henschel family who once was famous for the trains and metal parts that they built. There was a long debate as to whether you can build a modern museum up there. I believe that it blends well with the surrounding. It looks a bit like an old Spanish fortress… You can climb on the roof which makes a good spot for small concerts in my opinion.

The exhibition is all about the life of the Brothers Grimm who came from Kassel and spent a good part of their life there. You follow a route of 24 letters which come with a respective dictionary entry each. The letters are not alphabetical which is a bit puzzling in the beginning. I recommend you pick up one of the free maps at the entry. You do actually not follow the letters in an alphabetical order and you start with a letter like Y or Z (I cannot remember exactly). The Grimmwelt contains a mix of old exhibits of the Brothers Grimm and modern interactive content which is aimed at children. Note that the fairy tales are just a small part of the exhibition. The best part focuses on their linguistic achievements as well as their biography. If you really want to understand everything, there is a lot to read – actually too much. The interactive content is fun but the instructions what you have to do are sometimes well hidden. Continue reading →

Play of colours: Edertalsperre @ night

Edertalsperre @ night 10 The Edertalsperre is a dam in Hessen built in 1914. The resulting lake Edersee is the third largest in Germany regarding the volume (199m³) and the second largest regarding the surface (11km²). These figures refer to the full lake of course. When the Edersee empties during dry summers – the water is used to keep the Weser navigable – the old sunken towns and bridges (or rather their remains) become visible again.

Another attraction is the dam itself – especially at night. For its 100th birthday last year, a permanent light installation was added right under the crown of the dam. It illuminates the ports that are used to manage the overflow when the spring melt comes. The LED lights can create many different colours. The light keeps changing though I cannot tell what the exact interval is. Also, the display may be random. After 15-20 minutes, you should have seen everything anyways. It is deffinitely worth a visit, at least when you are around in the area. The images below only capture a fraction of what is shown. For some parts, you would have to shoot a video anyways as the lights are moving around… I still find the “rainbow” most beautiful. What do you think?

Edertalsperre @ night 1 Edertalsperre @ night 2 Edertalsperre @ night 3 Edertalsperre @ night 4 Edertalsperre @ night 5 Edertalsperre @ night 6 Edertalsperre @ night 7 Edertalsperre @ night 8 Edertalsperre @ night 9 Edertalsperre @ night 11

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