View over Würzburg from Marienberg Fortress Last Thursday was another bank holiday – Corpus Christi. It’s the last one until Reunification Day in October. I spent the day in Würzburg. I had never been there before but when I passed it with the ICE last year, I immediately thought that I should visit it some day.

Würzburg is indeed a beautiful town. Lots of small streets, old buildings and all that next to the Main and surrounded by vineyards. The sight of Würzburg is Marienberg Fortress of course. It’s a quite exhausting walk if you go there on foot but once you reached it, you are treated with a beautiful and stunning view over the town. On my way back to the station, I ate my first ice cream of this season. 1,20€ per scoop! Seriously?! I mean be honest: in the end, none of you guys really produces handcrafted ice cream anymore. You all use ready-made ingredients. The ice was good anyways. Continue reading →

Frankfurt am Main – my new workplace and the European financial capital

Frankfurt Skyline in the afternoon Since I work in Frankfurt now, I have the chance to get to know the city better. Frankfurt is known as the financial capital of Germany as well as Europe. It’s not only the skyline that gives proof of the wealth of the city. Step by step, more and more quarters of the town get gentrified, i.e. the former population is slowly being crowded out by richer people who usually move to Frankfurt from places farther away. I don’t really know what to think about it. I couldn’t afford to live in one of the top quarters but I also wouldn’t want to live in one of the really shabby areas (I live in a pension right now, am a weekend commuter). The modern architecture is very attracting and it feels different to roam the streets of those areas versus walking around in one of the less pretty corners. The poorer population needs space as well anyways. When I posted about my trip to Zürich two years ago, I said that I find that city too clean. I’m hoping this won’t happen with German cities as well. Ain’t the “normal” population the heart of a city? Is it not them and their uniqueness that build up to the vibrancy of a place? I’m really torn. The Westhafen Continue reading →

Winter impressions 2016

Here are some winter impressions. It has not been very wintery so far this year. The last few days made up for everything, however. The first picture was taken three days ago in Kassel, the other pictures were taken yesterday at the Dörnberg. As usual, I did not carry the right equipment when I was out there. I would have needed my 300mm lens…

Winter @ Bugasee Kassel Lonesome wanderer Winter landscape @ Dörnberg Snowskiter @ Dörnberg

Collection of photos taken in September / October

Here is a collection of photos taken in September and October. The Ahnepark is a local park where I tried to capture some autumn impressions. I like indian summer. The blood moon is something that everybody has probably seen. Dammit did my fingers freeze when I took the picture! The Weser Skywalk is a platform that was installed at the rocks about 500m north of Bad Karlshafen. It is nothing for which I would travel there but if you are around in the area anyways, you may want to visit it. Finally, the pickaxe is a piece of art that was installed during documenta 7 in 1982. It is supposed to have been thrown there by Hercules (which is a monument/statue and the landmark of Kassel). None of the pictures where edited but the picture of the blood moon. It was way to dark. The only thing I did to all pictures is that I applied Photoshop’s lens correction.

Ahnepark in Vellmar I Ahnepark in Vellmar II Blood moon 2015 Bad Karlshafen from Weser Skywalk Kassel @ night, pickaxe and Fulda

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